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“I have been so incredibly fortunate to work with Lisa throughout the past few years.  Lisa has provided me with concepts, tools, action plans, knowledge and insight that I am able to utilize on a daily basis in order for me to grow as a human being. She possesses an amazing ability to relate to others and has empowered me in ways that I did not know were possible. Working with Lisa has been the greatest gift that I have ever given myself. “  


Counseling Client

“I began seeing Lisa when I was 16 years old and again when I was 22. Both times she was able to hold my pain and trauma in a safe spot and walk with me through it until I felt whole again. To this day I still use what she taught me that range from cognitive techniques to practicing mindfulness in nature. Lisa met me where I and was such an integral part of me getting through those years and finding my strength and peace again.”


Counseling Client

"Lisa sets a tone for a guided journey of self discovery in her retreats and workshops that is loved and respected by myself and many of her past participants. Through careful selection of materials and activities combining group and solo time, she weaves inner expansion with exciting group dynamics.  Lisa is a gifted leader and trusted guide!” 

Michael S.
workshop and retreat participant

Lisa is my hero and has such great people skills! I was too scared to make it all the way to the top, but she was right by my side to help me down and made sure I felt good about my attempt. She has a very calming influence and a quiet strength about her presence.  If I travel again with this company, I hope she’s the guide!


Travel Participant

Adventures in Good Company

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