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My therapeutic style is practical and holistic. I draw from many relevant methods while knowing that our relationship - one of safety, transparency, and compassion – is also key to change and acceptance. I help you to identify and draw upon your strengths and to work "with" obstacles rather than against. I encourage everyone to take as much responsibility for their own lives and inner peace as they’re able to because this is ultimately what brings about confidence and resilience.


Also informing my practice is:

  • Cognitive theory and the power of our thought process, if left unchecked

  • Reframing many personal problems in a cultural and ecological context

  • Developing emotional intelligence

  • Encouraging radical self-acceptance

  • Bringing mindfulness and present-moment awareness to draw forth your own wisdom

On the journey to wholeness, "talk therapy" is most effective when it considers all the facets of being human; thus, I encourage other healing opportunities such as massage, support groups, exploring joyful movement, self-care practices, energy healing, time in nature, time alone, volunteer opportunities, or medications when necessary.

I have a special interest in and experience guiding those with:


  • Anxiety, worries, and stress

  • Depression and SADS

  • Unwanted thoughts

  • Adult-ADD

  • Grief and Loss

  • Life Transitions, such as divorce, retirement, or young adults who feel lost

  • Isolation and loneliness

  • Histories of childhood trauma

  • Spiritual crises & loss of meaning

  • Burnout or compassion fatigue for caretakers and helping professionals

  • Addictions to distraction /nature deficit disorder


  • Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology: 1996, University of Montana.

  • APA-Approved Doctoral Internship: 1993-1994, Denver Health and Hospitals.

  • Post-doctoral Fellowship in Sport Psychology and Performance Enhancement: 1995, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

  • Training in Ecopsychology: 2000-2003, Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado.

  • Certified Divorce Coach and co-developer of the Up North Collaborative Divorce Professionals: 2009, Traverse City, Michigan.

  • Training in Authentic Leadership: 2013, Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado.


For me, guiding others to feel better about themselves and their lives is both rewarding and an honor!  40 weeks each year, I work with 10-12 clients per week. But I am another kind of guide, as well. The other 12 weeks, interspersed throughout the year, I am employed as an adventure travel guide with an all-women’s company, taking small groups hiking in beautiful places around the world. It gives me great joy to empower women to connect with the natural world and learn from other cultures. Traveling and being active outdoors also brings balance to my own life.


When home and not counseling, I love to spend time staying informed about the world, learning new things, investing in relationships, being physically active, cooking and eating great local food, and helping to protect those that have no voice.

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