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Guidance and support because your place in the world matters.  

Hello and welcome!  It takes courage to seek help. And it’s no easy thing to admit you aren't figuring out whatever it is on your own. What feels like a problem is often an invitation to take a closer look, listen deeply to the symptom, learn something new, and perhaps heal from the past or stop resisting What Is.  While we all experience failure and suffering at some point, it is also our greatest life teacher, if we treat it as such.

As a psychologist for 25 years guiding teens and adults, I believe all humans can become “unstuck” to find meaning in life again. We all have the potential to create inner peace and embrace circumstances with more ease. And when we do, like the proverbial pebble in the pond, the whole earth benefits.

I also believe we aren't meant to do it all alone. We can come a long way on our own or with the help of loved ones. At times, however, you might need the support and guidance from someone outside your inner circle to move beyond what’s not working for you. As uncomfortable as that might sound, humility teaches us who we really are! In my experience, learning to meet this with compassion and gentleness is life changing.

In working together, it is my hope that you leave our every encounter feeling heard, acknowledged, and more open to the possibilities within you.


Psychotherapy, consultation, and assessment

Providing sessions with teens, adults, and seniors. GLBTQ-friendly practice.

Teletherapy sessions

Sessions available from the convenience of your home or office.

Workshops and retreats

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